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RiderLeangle -- Yeah haven't been in the irc in ages since admittedly fallen way behind on precure and that's what I mainly went to that irc for
That Guy -- Yo Leangle, where are you hanging out these days? Join the IRC some weekend, we need to catch up.
RiderLeangle -- Oh wow, that is a throwback
That Guy -- Oh man I found this site in the bookmarks of my old google account and maaaaaaaan this takes me back. And yet I forgot we were actually using this place that recently. Current date is 19 March 2018.
RiderLeangle -- Oh hey, someone actually here

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» Random joke
 Posted: Apr 30 2011, 03:13 AM
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I have got to write this down before I forget it...
OK pretty much the setup is just a joke making fun of christian logic... ignoring all the stupidity there anyways I just had to make a vulgar joke XD

And so the virgin mary gave birth to baby jesus and in a miracle, baby jesus instantly knew how to speak, a skill instantly learned to ask "WHY THE FUCK DID I JUST PASS THROUGH A HYMEN!!!", As the virgin mary lost her virginity to her own baby as he was the first man to be in her vagina, naked or otherwise

 Posted: Sep 17 2012, 02:45 PM
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