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RiderLeangle -- Yeah haven't been in the irc in ages since admittedly fallen way behind on precure and that's what I mainly went to that irc for
That Guy -- Yo Leangle, where are you hanging out these days? Join the IRC some weekend, we need to catch up.
RiderLeangle -- Oh wow, that is a throwback
That Guy -- Oh man I found this site in the bookmarks of my old google account and maaaaaaaan this takes me back. And yet I forgot we were actually using this place that recently. Current date is 19 March 2018.
RiderLeangle -- Oh hey, someone actually here

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» Idol Katsudou! - Waka ・Fuuri ・Sunao from STAR☆ANIS
 Posted: Sep 22 2013, 12:48 AM
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Breakout Champion!
Tetris Champion!
Simon Champion!

Saa! Ikou, hikaru mirai he
hora, yume wo tsurete

Pocket ni hitotsu, yuuki nigirishime
Hashiridashita ano michi
Niji-iro ni kagayaite
Kokoro no chizu wo irodoru
Cool na watashi, Kirakira na watashi
Oozora ni egaite mireba
Shiroi shirts, kaze nabiki
Toberu yo dokomade mo

Tama ni wa naki mushi no kumo
Taiyou ga warai tobasu
Nakama datte toki ni wa, rival
Shinkenshoubu yo

Koko kara (hajimaru), kirameku (mirai e)
Going my way(Going my way)
Taishi wo idake
Ase kirari, namida koboretemo
Tachidomaru na!
Idol (Idol), Katsudou! (Katsudou!)
Go Go Let's go! (Go Go Let's go!)
Ashita ni mukatte
Hashiritsuzukeru kimi ga mieru
fight kureru

Kasuka ni mieta, yume no saki no keshiki
Blanco no houbutsusen
Kin'iro ni mabataite
Terasu yo itsumade mo

Toki ni cool na gyakufuu
Oi kaze ga warai tobasu
Mukiatte tatakatte wakachiau
Te wo tsunai de

Massugu (miagete), aozora (utau yo)
Flying so high!(Flying so high!)
Kibou no wadachi
Yokogiru nanairo, tobidashite
Kaze ni nore yo!
Idol (Idol), Katsudou! (Katsudou!)
Yes, let you go!(Yes, let you go!)
Mukou-gawa he to
Fumikiru oto wa, tabidachi no aizu
Uta mo hazumu

Hashitte (hashitte), Aruite (aruite)
Waratte (waratte)
Tsumasaki to te to
Fumishimete nigirishimete ima
Koko ni iru yo

Idol (Idol), Katsudou! (Katsudou!)
Go Go Let's go! (Go Go Let's go!)
goal ni mukatte
Hashiri tsuzukeru kimi ga mieru
fight kureru

Come on! Let's go to the shining future
Look on, also bring your dreams

With a pocket of clasped courage
I run down the street
As the rainbow shining
My heart-map becomes colored
The cool me and the sparkling me
Draws the large sky
As a wind flutters my white shirts
I can fly everywhere

Sometimes we're crybaby-clouds
But the Sun always laugh off
Even we're friend but at times we're rivals
We must fight properly!

Here we start to the sparkling future
Going my way
In my ambition
With my sweat sparkling and my tears spills
I'm still standing!
Idol Activities
Go Go Let's go!
Towards tomorrow
As I see you when I'm continue on running
I can fight

As I see my dream destination that looked faintly
The parabola swings
With the Gold flashing
I'll always shines

When there's times the wind cools
The boostwinds laughs
Face our fight and understand each others
as we hold our hands

Look straight above and sing to the blue sky
Flying so high!
The rut of our hopes
Fly cross the rainbow
By our winds
Idol Activities
Yes, let you go!
Towards until the edge
Go ahead our departure signal
As our singings bounces

Run, walk, and laughs
With our hands and toes
Step a handful hung now
As we're here

Idol Activities
Go Go Let's go
Towards our goal
As I see you when I'm continue on running
I can fight

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